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Integrity metal roofing is warrantied and guaranteed! We make it our mission to provide our clients with high-performance roofing and outstanding customer service. As your locally preferred resource for metal roofing, you can be sure that you’ll receive a quality roof that’s sure to protect your occupants from the elements and maintain its appeal. Whether we’re installing a new roof, doing roof repair, or a full roof replacement, we’re prepared to handle your needs, no matter how extensive.

All of our metal roofs and fasteners come with a 40-year warranty for parts and we also include a 10-year guarantee on labor and craftsmanship. We stand behind our work and will help you with any issues that arise.

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PRICE MATCH: Cost is not a problem. With our Apples to Apples Price Match Guarantee.

INTEGRITY: We stand behind our work, in fact we guarantee the installation, and all the materials have the same warranty. We offer both a true and full lifetime product warranty and the Integrity installation guarantee.

THE RIGHT STUFF: We use the best steel available on your entire project! Our product has the same coating used by NASA on the shuttle.

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You get options with Integrity!

We carry several colors for you to choose from. We have a color to meet almost any need from light to dark. We use award-winning Akzo Nobel paint so you can relax knowing your forever home is getting the best roofing and installation in the greater Fort Wayne area. In fact we guarantee it!

The Facts:

  • Better Roofing Material
  • Superior Akzo Nobel Paint
  • Complete Warranty Coverage
  • InstallatioN Guaranteed
  • Every Piece of Your Roof carries a Lifetime Warranty
    (Even the Screws)


Imperial ribbed metal roofs are one of our two metal roofing options at Integrity Quality Construction in Fort Wayne. Of the two options we offer, imperial ribbed metal roofs are more affordable roofing. Don’t be fooled, though. Just because they come at a more competitive price point doesn’t mean you aren’t still getting an incredibly durable and lost-lasting roof.

One of the best parts of metal roofs for your home is how protective they are. Imperial ribbed metal roofs are resistant to fire, mold, and insects while also providing more reliable shielding from severe weather. Imperial ribbed metal roofs are also great because they can vary significantly in color, matching nearly any aesthetic preference.

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Standing seam metal roofs are the more premium of the two metal roofing options we offer at Integrity Quality Roofing in Fort Wayne. They utilize a different design that conceals the roof fasteners. Because of their concealed-fastener design, they are impeccably sealed, making them weather-tight and one of the most durable forms of roofing. However, it’s worth noting that this more premium metal roof does come with a more premium price point. Though you certainly get your money’s worth out of standing seam metal roofs due to their incredible strength, sealing, and longevity capabilities. Additionally, standing seam metal roofs at Integrity Quality Construction require less maintenance than metal roofs with an exposed-fastener design.

Metal Roof Repair

Your metal roof is durable and looks great, but when you encounter issues, you need to take action and get the roof repair service you need to make things right. Whether you have metal shingles or a standing seam metal roof, we can make the repairs you need quickly and within your budget.

Some of the subtle signs that show you need metal roof repairs include:

  • Water leaking into your home and causing water stains or excess moisture
  • Water stains on your ceilings or in your attic
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Higher heating and cooling bills due to air escaping through the damaged roof
  • Drafts in your house that make it uncomfortable

Has your metal roof has been pelted with hail or damaged from severe wind? Give us a call for the roof repairs. We will work directly with your insurance company to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible and your roof gets the attention it needs and you get the peace of mind you need.

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